Meet The Maker

Meet Logan

Hi, my name is Logan and I am RAPT+HELD. I have always been a maker. From designing jewelry, to over a decade in the food industry as a chef, pastry chef and baker to children's wear designer, I have spent the last 20 years making beautiful things with my hands for other people to enjoy. 

I am originally from Toronto, but lived abroad in the UK for a long time where I completed undergraduate and masters degrees before meeting my husband and deciding to return to the country where I grew up. We are now firmly rooted back in the west end of Toronto where we live with our two daughters, Calder and Avery.

The RAPT+HELD Journey

Having spent years working long hours in busy kitchens, I had a hard time adjusting to the change of pace that came with having a new baby and so, having always had a sewing machine, got back into making things when my first child was born in late 2015. Since I had always worked with my hands, it seemed to make sense to sew as it helped me feel productive in a tangible way during those slow moments of early parenthood.

Later, when my daughter announced to me at 18 months in regards to a dress I offered her to wear that “other people wear them” I decided to take her lead and started to make clothing for her with purpose. I didn't see why she should have to wear items from the ‘boys’ section just because she didn't want her clothing to be adorned with frills and bows, and so RAPT+HELD was born. I feel very strongly that children’s clothing should be playful, practical, and not restricted by the gender binary of traditional big box brands. There is so much pressure to grow up quickly in today’s world, if I can spread a little extra youthful joy and exuberance through my clothes and the prints I combine, then that is enough for me. 

The name is a credit to my husband and, to put it another way, I see these garments as a way to wrap the children we love in clothing we love and hold them close. I feel that the pieces I make are universal, timeless, and have an heirloom quality that means they can be passed from sibling to sibling, and then onward.

I love the idea of the living history of clothing and am always so excited to where my pieces end up.