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Waxed Canvas Mittens

Waxed Canvas Mittens

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Waxed canvas mittens, fully lined with upcycled, felted cashmere sweaters. With a ribbed cuff to block out drafts at the wrist, these babies are super cozy and water repellant and available in all sizes.

Baby size mitts are thumbless, because who wants to wrestle those puppies on a pair of squirmy hands?! And with a detachable string as standard, even if they manage to rip them off again, they wont disappear out the top of the stroller bunting bag. Larger sizes can opt for a detachable string for an addition $5.

To determine your size, measure from the tip of your longest finger (generally the middle one) to the base of your palm (where the crease is just below the pad of your thumb.) For reference, my hand measures exactly 7.5” and I am wearing the adult medium size. I am at the top top end of this size, but it is comfy for me.

Please note there is a limited selection of waxed canvas colours for mitts, as well as a few extras (unlisted) that I only have enough of for single pairs.  Please feel free write in your notes when ordering if you are interested in availability for other colours and i will get back to you depending on the size you are looking for.


This is the sizing available for mittens:

  • Baby 4.5" (thumbless) comes with detachable mitten string
  • Toddler 5" 
  • Kid 5-5.5"
  • Small 5.5-6.5"
  • Medium 6.5-7.5"
  • Large 7.5-8.5"

If you would like a size currently not listed above, please send me an email at so we can discuss customization options.

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